Kakerdaja bog in Järva County in Estonia.


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View of the Old Town of Tallinn in Estonia.

Why Travel to Estonia?

Estonia, the Land of Unicorns, offers a journey through a realm where mythical landscapes and technological marvels coexist. It's a place where the stories of the past inspire the innovations of the future, and the beauty of the natural world complements the achievements of a digitally-forward society.



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Discover Estonia: The Land of Unicorns, Enchanted Bogs, and Timeless Wonders

Estonia, often hailed as the Land of Unicorns for its remarkable number of successful tech startups, is a nation where fairytales come to life. This enchanting country blends the magic of its fairytale-like bogs and medieval heritage with an extraordinary flair for digital innovation and entrepreneurship. From the captivating charm of Tallinn's old town to the mystical allure of its natural landscapes and its status as a thriving hub for cutting-edge technology, Estonia invites you on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Our guide to Estonia invites you to explore its rich cultural heritage, diverse natural beauty, and forward-thinking approach to life.

Tallinn: A Medieval Marvel and Hub of Innovation

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, stands as a testament to the country’s rich past and dynamic present. Its UNESCO-listed Old Town, with cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, feels like stepping into a storybook. Yet, this historic charm is seamlessly intertwined with Tallinn's reputation as a digital powerhouse, home to a high concentration of unicorn startups, showcasing the city's unique blend of tradition and innovation.

The Islands and Enchanted Bogs: Nature's Mystique

Estonia’s islands, such as Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, offer tranquil retreats with their unspoiled beauty and rustic charm. The country's landscape is also dotted with mystical bogs, which, according to local folklore, are enchanting realms that ignite the imagination. These serene, fairytale-like environments are perfect for exploring Estonia’s captivating natural wonders.

Lahemaa National Park: A Haven for Nature Lovers

The enchanting Lahemaa National Park, a short drive from Tallinn, offers a mosaic of forests, coastlines, and bogs. Here, nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in Estonia’s pristine wilderness, discovering a world where the tranquility of nature meets the whispers of ancient lore.

Cuisine and Culture: A Blend of Old and New

Estonia’s culinary scene, much like its culture, is a fusion of traditional and modern influences. Classic dishes using local ingredients are reinvented with contemporary flair, reflecting the nation's innovative spirit. Estonian culture, enriched with folk tales and a legacy of song and dance, harmonizes with its global recognition as a digital leader, creating a unique national identity.