Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.


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Bowls and colorful yarn on the local market in Guatemala.

Why Travel to Guatemala?

A trip to Guatemala is an exploration of a land where the legacy of the Mayans, the beauty of the highlands, and the warmth of its people create an unforgettable experience.



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Guatemala: A Tapestry of Ancient Civilizations, Natural Wonders, and Colorful Traditions

Guatemala, a country rich in Mayan heritage and natural beauty, is a destination where ancient ruins, lush rainforests, and vibrant indigenous cultures converge. From the awe-inspiring temples of Tikal to the picturesque Lake Atitlán and the colonial charm of Antigua, Guatemala presents a mosaic of experiences that captivate and inspire. Our guide to Guatemala invites you to explore the country’s archaeological treasures, diverse ecosystems, and the enduring traditions of its people.

Antigua: Colonial Splendor and Cultural Hub

Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is renowned for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture and stunning volcanic backdrop. The city’s cobblestone streets, historic churches, and vibrant markets offer a glimpse into both Guatemala’s colonial past and its lively present. Antigua is also a center for learning Spanish, attracting students from around the world to its numerous language schools.

Tikal: Majestic Remnants of the Mayan World

Tikal, one of the largest and most significant Mayan archaeological sites, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and spirit of the ancient Mayan civilization. Set amidst the dense jungles of the Petén region, exploring these ruins offers a profound insight into Guatemala’s pre-Columbian history and the mystery of the Mayan people.

Lake Atitlán: Natural Beauty and Mayan Villages

Lake Atitlán, described by many as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, is surrounded by lush mountains and dotted with traditional Mayan villages. The lake is a place of tranquility and beauty, offering opportunities for kayaking, hiking, and immersing in local cultures in villages like Panajachel, San Pedro, and Santiago Atitlán.

Guatemalan Highlands: Tradition and Natural Splendor

The Guatemalan Highlands are home to vibrant indigenous communities, colorful markets, and breathtaking landscapes. Towns like Chichicastenango, with its famous market, provide an opportunity to experience Guatemala’s rich indigenous heritage and craftsmanship. The region’s natural beauty, with its towering volcanoes and scenic valleys, offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Guatemalan Cuisine: A Blend of Cultures

Guatemalan cuisine is a flavorful blend of Spanish and Mayan influences, with dishes like pepián (meat stew), tamales, and the traditional breakfast of eggs, beans, and tortillas. The country’s coffee, grown in its highland regions, is some of the best in the world.