Skiing in snowy Lapland in Finland.


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Man watching Aurora Borealis in Arctic Finland.

Why Travel to Finland?

Explore the stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and unique experiences that Finland offers. From the magical Northern Lights and serene lakes to the bustling streets of Helsinki and enchanting Lapland, Finland is a destination like no other.



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Finland: A Symphony of Pristine Nature, Timeless Traditions, and Nordic Innovation

Finland, often referred to as the land of a thousand lakes and the Northern Lights, offers a serene blend of untouched natural beauty, deep-rooted cultural traditions, and a reputation for modern Nordic innovation. From the vibrant design scene of Helsinki to the tranquil wilderness of Lapland and the historic coastal towns, Finland is a country that celebrates the harmony of nature and a unique way of life. Our guide to Finland invites you to explore its lush landscapes, experience its rich culture and history, and embrace the peaceful yet progressive spirit of this Nordic nation.

Helsinki: Where Design Meets the Sea

Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, stands on the shores of the Baltic Sea, combining urban life with a close connection to nature. Known for its design district, innovative architecture, and vibrant arts scene, Helsinki is a city that embodies creativity and forward-thinking. Landmarks like the Helsinki Cathedral and the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress offer glimpses into the city’s history, while contemporary spaces like the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art showcase its modern flair.

Lapland: A Winter Wonderland

In the far north, Finnish Lapland is a magical region of winter wonderland landscapes, indigenous Sami culture, and the ethereal Northern Lights. It's a destination for husky sledding, reindeer safaris, and experiencing the midnight sun. Rovaniemi, the gateway to Lapland, is also known as the official hometown of Santa Claus, adding a touch of mythical enchantment to the region.

The Finnish Archipelago and Coastal Towns

Finland’s extensive archipelago, one of the largest in the world, offers a peaceful escape with its myriad of islands, each boasting its own character. Historic coastal towns like Turku and Porvoo reveal a different side of Finnish history, with their charming old streets, wooden houses, and maritime heritage.

Finnish Cuisine: A Taste of the North

Finnish cuisine is a reflection of the country's relationship with its environment, emphasizing fresh, local ingredients, and simple yet hearty flavors. Traditional dishes like Karelian pasties, Finnish rye bread, and salmon soup are staples, while foraging for berries and mushrooms is a beloved pastime, reflecting Finland’s deep connection to nature.

Sauna Culture: A Finnish Way of Life

The sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture, offering a place for relaxation, socializing, and spiritual rejuvenation. This tradition, deeply ingrained in Finnish life, is a unique aspect of the country’s cultural identity and a must-experience for any visitor.