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Full Moon Ecstatic Dance: Embracing the Rhythms of the Soul

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With every beat, discover the freedom of ecstatic dance and the soulful whispers of a cacao ceremony. This isn't just a dance - it's a dance of the soul, a celebration of life and connection under the luminescent gaze of the full moon.

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Bali, the island in Indonesia, has long been my haven for spiritual escapades. The emerald rice terraces, the haunting gamelan echoes, the incense-infused air - it's a place that calls you to connect deeply. But on my recent visit, I ventured beyond the familiar and into the realm of the transformative: a full moon ecstatic dance party, crowned with a soul-stirring cacao ceremony.

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What is Ecstatic Dance?

Having its roots in indigenous cultures and modern movements alike, it's a type of free-form dance where there are no steps to follow, no choreography to memorize. Instead, it beckons you to move authentically, to let your body express what words often fail to capture.

In recent years, this dance has taken the world by storm, becoming an outlet for self-expression and healing. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of New Zealand, you're likely to find passionate communities dedicated to this transformative art. These groups aren't just about dancing; they're about forming deep connections, both with oneself and with others.

Joining an ecstatic dance community can be a life-altering decision. It's a space where you’re encouraged to shed your inhibitions, to embrace vulnerability, and to truly listen to what your soul yearns to express. Ecstatic dance is so liberating because it's a space devoid of judgment. You're not dancing to impress or perform, you're dancing to feel. Whether you’re swirling in circles, leaping in joy, or swaying gently, every move is perfect because it’s yours. It's a communion of souls dancing their stories, fears, joys, and dreams.

Beneath the Full Moon in Bali

The venue was a hidden gem amidst Ubud’s lush jungles. As I walked in, fairy lights adorned the trees, and the soft hum of a didgeridoo filled the air. Everyone was barefoot, the cool earth grounding us.

Then began the cacao ceremony, a practice rooted in the ancient traditions of the Mayans and other indigenous tribes of Central and South America. Pure cacao, when consumed in a ceremonial setting, is believed to unlock euphoric states and emotional release.

Our guide began by explaining the significance of cacao, its history, and how it opens the heart chakra. We were handed cups of warm, thick cacao, its earthy bitterness a stark contrast to the commercial chocolates I knew. As we sipped, the guide led us in meditation, asking us to envision our intentions and to let the cacao energy work its magic.

And then, as if on cue, the drums began. The cacao, having awakened our senses, made the dance even more intense. The energy was palpable. I felt an overwhelming surge of emotions. Memories long forgotten resurfaced, and I danced through them, each movement a step in a journey of healing and understanding.

Hours seemed like minutes, and before I knew it, the dance was drawing to a close. We gathered in a circle, sharing our experiences and basking in the collective soul-soothing energy we'd created.

A Journey Beyond the Dance

Ecstatic dance parties aren't just social events, they are transformative voyages into the self. They are about discovering layers you never knew existed, healing wounds you didn't realize you had, and forming connections that transcend spoken words.

For those seeking to break free from the chains of conformity, to experience a raw, unfiltered connection with their innermost selves and with others, this is the place to be. As I left, with the moon casting silver shadows and the taste of cacao still lingering, I knew I'd carry this night with me, a beacon of what it truly means to be alive, free, and ecstatic.

Step into the transformative realm of ecstatic dance by connecting with a local community near you, whether you're in Los Angeles, Paris, or Amsterdam. Globally embraced, this movement knows no bounds. However, if you're yearning for something more exotic, consider visiting the Pyramids of Chi or Yoga Barn in Bali. For those seeking a truly holistic and fully transformative experience - Bali Spirit Festival is taking place on May 1-5, 2024 in Ubud, Bali.

In case you're still hesitant - read also our intimate Bali solo travel diary and tips for traveling solo in Bali.

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