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Celebrating Life and Sensuality: A Solo Travel Diary Through Bali

Embark on a soul-searching journey through the lush island of Bali, and discover how to fall in love with life all over again.

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Bali island in Indonesia has long been a destination that calls to my soul. A few years ago, during a challenging period filled with loneliness and existential questioning, I decided that a soul-searching solo expedition to Bali's emerald jungles would be my sanctuary. My mission was clear: to rediscover my strength, femininity, and inner core.

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What Happened in the Jungles of Ubud?

For the first time ever, I enrolled in a Tantra course aimed at celebrating feminine energy. Nestled amidst the lush jungles of Ubud, I found my instructor, Dijan, who conducts classes at Samyama Meditation Center. The moment I stepped onto the property, it was as if a weight had been lifted. I could feel my previously rigid body start to loosen, becoming infused with the pulsating life force of the surrounding environment.

My mornings were a spiritual experience in themselves, as I awoke in a room surrounded by verdant rice fields. Stepping out onto my terrace, I could immediately sense the palpable energy of the jungle. The air was fresh and invigorating. It was as if the jungle was offering me its very essence, recharging me with a healing energy that flowed through every fiber of my being. This wasn't just a start to a new day; it was a daily ritual of spiritual renewal.

Green rice terraces in Bali island in Indonesia

My time with Dijan was truly life-changing. Over the course of five deeply transformative days, we delved into yoga, dance, meditation, and authentic conversations that excavated the deepest yearnings of my soul. Each moment was a stepping stone, leading me back to my essence. Slowly but powerfully, I felt my sensuality rekindle. I began to feel beautiful again — inside and out. I'd forgotten what that felt like. I realized how closed off I'd been, not truly allowing myself to enjoy any of the life's pleasures.

Celebrating Life in the Oasis of Canggu

Invigorated and awakened, I knew I was ready for the world again. Next stop? Canggu—a haven for free spirits and adventure seekers. I checked into the fabulous Como Uma Canggu, where serenity and luxury embraced me.

Como Uma Canggu hotel in Bali
Como Uma Canggu hotel beach club in Bali
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As New Year's Eve approached, I faced a choice: sink into old habits of isolation or embrace the vibrancy of life? Thanks to my newfound sense of self, the answer was clear. I decided to attend the New Year's party at Como Uma Canggu Beach Club. It turned out to be the best decision. The evening was electrifying, filled with new friendships, champagne toasts, and fireworks that danced in the sky until the early morning hours.

The days that followed were equally exhilarating. My newfound friends and I sampled various gastronomic delights, surfed on Canggu's famous waves, and reveled in the area's vibrant nightlife. The crown jewel of my time in Bali was Omnia Bali dayclub, perched atop the cliffs of Uluwatu, its infinity pool offering breathtaking ocean views. Here, we danced like there was no tomorrow and I felt an unprecedented sense of freedom wash over me.

As I boarded the plane to leave Bali, I couldn't help but feel like an entirely different person. This was not just a holiday; it was a pilgrimage of self-discovery and transformation. My journey taught me a crucial life lesson: when you open your heart to the world's possibilities, you invite miracles into your life.

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